Project Description


HEINIGER STOLL RO, located in Sibiu, is the official representative of the German company STOLL, the most important manufacturer of industrial knitting machines, and it represents the success of the long and fruitful partnership between the Dutch company HEININGER and the STOLL brand. Beside selling the knitting machines, Heininger Stoll Ro also attends to the mechanical part, providing product maintenance, machine service and spare parts assistance. They are also taking care of the programming part, by training programmers on M1 Plus Software and also providing their clients sampling services.

Project description

Estefanis Solutions was beside Heininger Stoll RO from day one. We helped them in terms of branding, visual identity and marketing and we also developed a web app that facilitates their work. We developed a custom made reservation system that helps them and their clients to book the services of the technicians or programmers, to see the status of their work, to provide reports and to keep in touch one with the other.

Services Provided

Having in mind the importance of the connection between the STOLL brand and the Dutch Company HEININGER, their logo had to reflect the strong bond established between the two companies. As a result we obtained a logo that represents a new and strong company, but also reflects the importance of its components.

We „equipped” the new company with brand new business card for the managers, the programmers and the technicians and also letterheads and all sort of stationery needed.

The website made for Heininger has simple and user friendly interface, keeping everything modern and up to date. Their website design inspires professionalism and trust, while the HTML5 development makes it accessible from all sort of devices and allows the website administrator to manage the content through an administrator panel.

We provided to our client a Reservation System that allows their clients to book the services of their technicians or programmers. Also through this app the technicians can transmit reports regarding the interventions and they can keep in touch with the clients. The app also allows Heininger to keep track of their employees and their work.

Everything was made to facilitate their work by designing an user friendly menu and interface.