Project Description


The significant progress accomplished in this profession allows dr. Irina T. Grigore to advise you every day on how to keep a good dental hygiene, delivering perfectly adapted treatments with the permanent concern of the best cosmetic dentistry. Continuous training and assimilating the latest technological practices, specializing in this field both nationally and internationally, is the binding assets for dr. Irina T. Grigore as a dental surgeon, and that is how her patients receive the best treatments.

Project description

Our collaboration began over 1 year ago with redesigning the logo and designing and implementing a new website. The new website had to be displayed in two different languages and to be have a user friendly interface. After the first website our collaboration continued with designing and implementing three different websites. Those website were all part of the branding awareness process. We also helped with add-words campaigns, marketing strategy and SEO, all in order to increase the number of patients that could be treated by dr. Irina T. Grigore.

Services Provided

The new logo had to keep the rough lines of the old logo in order to have a continuity regarding the visual identity, but at the same time to be more modern and with simple and clean lines.

We designed and implemented a brand-new website that reflects the modern approach of the dental practice of dr. Irina T. Grigore.

In order to increase the number of clients/patients we improved the website by providing full SEO services and also created and managed advertising campaigns and succeeded to increase tremendous the number of hits on the website and also the number of clients.