Project Description


The idea of Berete Cochete, translated as ”chic berets”, started from a knitted beret. From this point the concept of sweet berets evolved until the little homemade cookie jar adorned with a knitted beret transformed into a must-have favor for weddings or baptisms or all sort of either private or corporate parties.

Project description

Berete Cochete was looking for a logo that would compliment both the sweet cookies inside the jar and also the knitted beret that in a very elegant and chic way embraced the top cover. We made that possible through a symbolic illustration and an educated choice of color.

Services Provided

The logo is the result of the perfect combination between the illustration and the choice of color. We got the idea after we successfully tasted the first jar of cookies (and the second, and the third).

We also provided with business cards that compliments the logo design.
With just a nice label we managed to transform the already beautiful jars into chic but professionals ones.